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Linda Huntting Congdon

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[email protected]
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West Hartford, CT
Vero Beach, FL
  • Jennifer Van Beckum, Massachusetts
    I now have new tools to use 24/7. When I feel discomfort, I know what I can... read more
  • Patti Brady-Lux, DC
    The Foundations Course has made me more mindful of how I sit, stand, walk, bend and sleep. I feel less back pain and have enjoyed watching my posture change for the... read more
  • Emily Estes, West Hartford, CT  
    Learning and practicing the Gokhale Course with Lin was an experience of greater body awareness leading to naturally improved posture. With... read more
  • Sonia Krotkov, Massachusetts
    After attending the weekend Foundations Course with Linda, benefits were immediate...What a huge gift!
  • Richard Rosen, Vero Beach, FL
    It's been a month of practicing and finally it's getting easier, more habit than effort. Muscle memory and new neural circuits/pathways are... read more
  • Sonia Krotkov, MA
    My posture work is AWESOME lately. I'm finally getting stronger rib anchor muscles. Going for walks has changed and I feel so much taller.  No one has asked... read more
  • Jennifer Payne, Arizona
    I just wanted to thank you so very much for all of your wonderful teaching, and help and inspiration! I feel very blessed that I have been able to learn... read more
  • Joy Nicolay, Massachusetts
    I have not had even a hint of lower back discomfort since our class, hip hinging has made a real difference. House cleaning, yard work, dogs, exercise,... read more
  • Roberta Tansman, Hartford, CT
    "Extremely effective from the first class. I feel very optimistic about my ability to learn this wonderful posture correction. It's giving... read more
  • Carol, RetiredGeneral Manager
    I am practicing your tips for glidewalking nearly every day as I take longer and longer walks. Using my glutes to propel my legs means I don't... read more
  • Terre Mollnhauer, Phoenix, AZ
    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Course and feel so much better after all the learning and fine tuning - I am finally doing things... read more
  • Dianna Cunningham, Phoenix, AZ 
    It was pure enjoyment to have you as my teacher. Your compassion and grace are certainly a tribute to the Gokhale Method. I just viewed the before... read more
  • Lynn Avery, Palm City, FL
    Well, I'm finally 'getting' the kidney shaped feet!  Sleeping better, walking taller, stack sitting easily, and working on my inner corset.... read more
  • Thanks for sending the video. The woman's running movement looks so effortless and powerful. Although I am not a runner, it reminds me to practice the Gokhale principles in my... read more
  • Kelly Dorsey, Florida
    I ran into this lady that I know but have not seen for 5 years and the first thing she said is 'DID YOU GET TALLER?'  I could not believe it except... read more
  • Yael Ben-Chanoch, Miami, FL
    Just wanted to thank you for your patience, clear instruction and my Stretchsit cushion. I learned a lot and now the goal is putting it all together with... read more
  • Frank Galluccio, Raleigh, NC
    The Gokhale posture training course you conducted recently in Raleigh North Carolina clearly exceeded my expectations. Yes, it was a bit intense with a lot... read more
  • Fay Krapf, Raleigh, NC
    You are such an excellent teacher, and we are so lucky to have you in the area. I found my private session so valuable. The hands-on body positioning... read more
  • Beth Mollnow, Raleigh, NC
    I want you to know how helpful your class has been to me.  I carry many of the principles around in my head all the time, and feel like I walk, bend, and... read more


Linda has been a massage therapist and wellness instructor for 25 years.  She discovered the Gokhale Method through a recommendation from her doctor in hopes of relieving persistent back pain - with stunning results.  After using and teaching so many self-care techniques over the years, she now believes poor posture to be the root of so many muscular-skeletal problems experienced by herself and her clients including back pain, neck pain, and joint issues.  

When we experience these kinds of pain, an important question posed by The Gokhale Method is what laws of basic human architecture are we not respecting?  Another question might be why are there so many other current cultures and past societies who do not report so much pain in their bodies?   That makes complete sense to Lin, and she is delighted to be teaching practices which help students return to the innate wisdom of primal posture – and a pain-free way to accomplish everyday tasks.

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