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Janine Farzin

Janine Farzin stumbled upon the Gokhale Method after experiencing extreme back pain in 2009 with the birth of her first child. She has a background in engineering and works as a transportation planner, having studied at UC Berkeley and MIT. The methods presented in the course were logical, empowering, and most importantly, effective for her. The images and patterns of movement resonated with her as well. They were consistent with her observations traveling in several developing countries, including a year spent in Brazil as a Fulbright Fellow, and with the innate posture of her own young children. 

Today Janine is pain-free and focuses on increasing her strength and staying active.  She was inspired to teach the Gokhale Method to better learn and understand the intricacies of the method for her family and loved ones. She soon realized what a great deal of satisfaction she receives sharing it with others. Observing the progress in each of her students is a true pleasure. 

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Chicago, IL

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