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Charlene Hannibal

Charlene was born in Portland, Oregon, where from an early age she trained rigorously in ballet and classical piano. She spent 12 years as a professional dancer in Portland and the Bay Area and holds a degree in English from UC Berkeley. Charlene became a certified yoga instructor in 2001, and has been passionately teaching dance and yoga to people of all ages ever since.

Charlene's teaching philosophy involves gently guiding students toward growing their own body awareness. Her extensive experience within the disciplines of ballet and yoga has informed her expertise as a Gokhale Method instructor. She is continually fascinated by the structural beauty of the human body and is inspired by watching her posture students transform as they fulfill each lesson.

A prolific teacher, Charlene has taught the Gokhale Method Foundations course to hundreds of students. She was the main Gokhale Method teacher under Esther Gokhale in Palo Alto from 2011-12 and currently works in Portland and San Francisco.

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Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA

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Continuing Education - Gokhale Refresher Class 2 hour(s) Sunday, February 09, 2020, 10:00am Open


Portland, OR

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