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Kathleen O'Donohue, P.A.

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Huntsville, AL
Sewanee, TN
  • Nancy Finley, PhD; Huntsville, AL
    I have benefited over my life from many types of body awareness practices, yoga, physical therapy, etc., but the Gokhale Method has added a piece of the puzzle that I have been missing. The technique is something I use throughout my day in all my activities, from sleeping to walking. It helps me...Read more
  • Dina Zinnes, PhD; Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign 
    Kathleen is an EXCEPTIONAL coach! I signed up for the online Gokhale Elements Course as COVID forced lockdowns, thinking it would be a useful way to spend the isolation. Little did I know what a fantastic adventure was ahead! This is far more than just a course about 'posture' — these...Read more
  • Merissa Tobler; potter; Sewanee, TN
    For the first time in many years, I feel optimistic that I have a way to alleviate the pain I've been experiencing. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher - patient, generous, encouraging. I'm so grateful to her for introducing me to the Gokhale Method...Read more
  • Barb Parks; Instructional Systems Design, Ret.; Huntsville, AL
    I was very grateful to have Kathleen as teacher. While the Gokhale Method course and book are beautifully designed to make learning easy, Kathleen enhanced the application of the methods by her mastery of observation, listening, and knowledge. She gently helped me recognize my areas of weakness and...Read more
  • Sarah Doyi; Sabbath Smiles joyous dog training; Cowan, TN
    The Gokhale Method has led me not only to reduced pain, but also a much greater awareness of how posture and body movement can either reduce or increase pain. One of the best features of the Method for me, is that Gokhale is not a "work out" or therapy session. It is proper standing,...Read more
  • G. Sanford McGee; artist; Sewanee, TN
    A few weeks ago I completed the Foundations Course of the Gokhale Method with Kathleen O'Donohue as my teacher/guide. I have pursued many avenues in my own health and wellness maintenance and after reading about the Gokhale approach I knew it was the one area where I was lacking. Kathleen O...Read more
  • Claiborne Brown, Marketing Research, Los Altos, CA
    I call Kathleen my personal posture trainer. (I took the Foundations Course with her 1-on-1. ) ...Read more
  • Dev Takle, Software Engineer, Sunnyvale, CA
    I’ll get straight to it, posture-wise it has been an exciting past few months for me. I attended the Gokhale Method Foundations Course, with Kathleen as my teacher, in December 2019, Palo Alto, CA. The course helped me in many ways - most importantly it helped me help myself by becoming more...Read more
  • Grace Nix; student, actor and filmmaker; San Francisco, CA
    Learning the Gokhale Method through the Gokhale Method Foundations Course has been critical to me gaining control over my posture and upper-back, shoulder and neck tension and pain. As a long...Read more
  • Linda Kirby, glasswork artist; court reporter, ret.; Berkeley, CA
    I met Kathleen in February 2020 when she was co-teaching a Gokhale Method Pop-Up Course with Esther Gokhale. My daughter had recently taken the Pop-up Course and could not stop waxing...Read more
  • Mary Rajala, M.D. Green Bay, WI, USA
    Starting in July 2020, I have been practicing the Gokhale Method intensely and it has really paid off. I recently received an...Read more
  • Phyllis Branch, Retired teacher and Business Owner, Portage, Michigan
    I purchased Esther’s wonderful book several years ago after my second back surgery. I implemented several of the directions in the book but eventually fell off in that practice. In October 2021, after my 3rd back surgery, I signed up for the Elements Course with Kathleen determined to do all...Read more
  • Felicia Grimke, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Huntington, New York
    I began my individualized instruction with several online consultations with Kathleen in Autumn 2020. I had become comfortable with Kathleen’s teaching while she was a moderator of Free Workshops and then Q & A teacher of 1-2-3 Move class when she led the non-alumni. I immediately felt a...Read more
  • Linda Grass, Naturopathic Physician; Sherwood, Oregon
    At age 72, I was wondering how well I would be able to enjoy gardening in my retirement due to back problems. Arthritis caused pain in my neck, back, and hands and both hips had already been replaced. I was horrified when a friend emailed me a recent photograph of myself revealing a very hunched...Read more
  • Andrea Fisher, Nurse; Ottawa, Ontario Canada
  • Cheryl Heidelberger M.D.; Naples, Florida
    Kathleen and the Elements Course make a big difference in my life and outlook as I age into retirement years. The tools learned allow continued improvement in body health even surpassing my younger body's level of fitness. Kathleen showed much kindness, and commitment to my learning. As a...Read more


Who knew that learning to walk well could change the course of one’s life? Kathleen was inspired to teach the Gokhale Method after learning how to glidewalk and experiencing welcome relief from chronic hip pain while walking. Trained as a primary care Physician Assistant (PA), Kathleen has studied and practiced health and wellness for decades. Much of her healing arts practice focused on women’s healthcare, elder care, LGBTQ matters, and community health education. Kathleen teaches both Tai Chi and Qigong and is a certified instructor of the Tai Chi For Health Institute, with multiple specialty accreditations.

Kathleen appreciates the clarity and effectiveness of the Gokhale Method, which blends intellectual, visual, and hands-on learning methods. Each student is empowered to integrate and apply this posture training into all aspects of daily life.

Kathleen's Online Offerings

Online lessons are a good way of learning the Gokhale Method from your home. Kathleen offers online lessons through Zoom.

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Berkeley, CA

Alumni Classes
Title Duration Start Date Open Spots
Continuing Ed - Techniques 1 hour(s) Sunday, July 21, 2024, 3:30pm 0
Continuing Ed - Glidewalking 1 hour(s) Sunday, July 21, 2024, 4:45pm 1

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