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Andrea Fisher's Testimonial about Kathleen

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Kathleen O’Donohue as Gokhale Method Teacher.  I admire and respect her compassionate approach and professional manner to students.
I completed the online Elements Course in May, 2022.  I took a series of 13 minutes lessons weekly over a period of 8 months.  The pace was perfect for me to complete the lessons, read the weekly assignments and practice the skills taught in the lessons.  Kathleen has a very kind and caring approach.  I really appreciate that she was always interested in hearing about my personal experience and celebrating my successes. She offered many helpful suggestions to adapt the course content to best meet my needs.  She inspired and motivated me to work hard and do my best.
I am most pleased to share with you that the buttock pain that I have experienced for past 15 years after walking 20 minutes has resolved.  I am able to walk without experiencing any buttock discomfort.  This is a life changing event and has allowed me to increase level of activity. 
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Andrea Fisher, Nurse; Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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