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Linda Kirby' Testimonial About Kathleen O'Donohue

I met Kathleen in February 2020 when she was co-teaching a Gokhale Method Pop-Up Course with Esther Gokhale.  My daughter had recently taken the Pop-up Course and could not stop waxing positive.  Knowing I had some slight back issues she “insisted” I take this one-day class.  “Mom, what do you have to lose?  It’s one day, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you!”  Needless to say, I did and this is where I met Kathleen, a delightful, knowledgeable and cheerful qualified Gokhale Teacher.  


The object/mantra of Gokhale is how to achieve a “pain free back”.  Yeah, right.. As if ... and yet, although I am not quite pain free, and my “slight” back issues have not quite disappeared, I indeed have considerably less pain than I did before I took the Gokhale Pop-up Course.  This is in no small part due to Kathleen.  Kathleen monitored and participated in all of our exercises, critiquing, advising and answering insatiable questions - always with a smile.


And always right-on advice.  (As an aside, I had a rotator cuff issue - note past tense here!). I casually mentioned this to Kathleen.  She was standing behind me and she gently took my stretched out arm towards her body, held it there for a few seconds.  Amazing, truly, my shoulder no longer hurts!  No, I am not an extremist who touts miraculous cures.  Kathleen recognized the issue, knew what to do and did it!  It’s all about body knowledge, what connects what to what.


The Gokhale Method’s goal is to re-educate your body.  Certainly an admirable goal, but in one day?  In spite of my skepticism, I now find myself “rolling my shoulders”, bending from the hips, holding my head high.  Take the course, you’ll know what I mean.

In the included (Zoom) follow up, Kathleen was incredibly helpful.  A one-day life-changing posture workshop and I had many questions.  Kathleen was warm, friendly and professional.  In real time Kathleen responded to my questions.   She could see what I was doing, I could see what she was doing and we were able to interact in a meaningful, constructive and realistic way.


What an invaluable platform.


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Linda Kirby, glasswork artist; court reporter, ret.; Berkeley, CA

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