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Mary Rajala's Testimonial about Kathleen O'Donohue

Starting in July 2020, I have been practicing the Gokhale Method intensely and it has really paid off. I recently received an outstanding report from my doctor (an osteopathic physician).  It was the first good news I have had regarding my spine in a very long time.  After a year when I was unable to see him for routine visits and manipulation, he informed me that I had changed the architecture of my spine!  Specifically, he told me 3 things:  that I had improved my lumbar lordosis; corrected the angle of my pelvis; my leg length discrepancy was gone (had been 3/8 inch, requiring modification of my extensive shoe wardrobe, including my ballroom dance shoes and ski boots!) 

I attribute this dramatic change to working with the Gokhale Method techniques.  I had an online Initial Consultation with Esther Gokhale, followed by the Gokhale Elements course with Kathleen O’Donohue.  After my 18 online lessons with Kathleen, I enrolled in the Online University and I attend Gokhale Exercise several days a week (I took a couple of months off in the winter when I took up skiing).  I highly recommend this work to anyone.  I have significant structural problems with my spine (scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease, facet arthritis, spinal stenosis, and rotation of the spine).  Kathleen’s background in medicine made her an outstanding match for me, as I am a physician with a complicated spine. My training and career along with my complicated spine issues have made me wary of trusting people who may have good intentions of helping but can cause harm to me because they don't have an in depth understanding of how pathology can affect function and movement.  I felt that I was able to understand and implement the basic techniques through my work with Kathleen, and that I have been able to build on that and continue to improve through the Gokhale Online University exercise classes.  Objective proof of this came to me when my physician examined me and saw the change in less than one year of commitment! 

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Mary Rajala, M.D. Green Bay, WI, USA

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