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Felicia Grimke's Testimonial about Kathleen O'Donohue

I began my individualized instruction with several online consultations with Kathleen in Autumn 2020.  I had become comfortable with Kathleen’s teaching while she was a moderator of Free Workshops and then Q & A teacher of 1-2-3 Move class when she led the non-alumni.  I immediately felt a connection with Kathleen’s teaching method.  She was always positive, encouraging, and easy to talk to.
I found her to be extremely accommodating and flexible in her teaching style which calmed me and allowed me to advance with her soothing voice guiding me.  She always seemed to have little gems to allow me to feel the little nuances of each move.
I continued my Gokhale Method studies with Kathleen when I decided to invest in the Elements Course in summer 2021.  The main principles we are taught gradually increase in details as we become adept at the fundamental skills; thus, improving our posture and advancing in our implementation of healthy posture in all aspects of our daily life activities.  I really connected with her understanding of the Tai Chi and qi qong and felt the peacefulness of her personality allowed me to learn quickly and feel the moves even though we were on zoom the whole time. 
I feel Blessed to have Kathleen assisting me on my posture journey and recommend her highly.

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Felicia Grimke, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Huntington, New York

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