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Linda Grass' Testimonial about Kathleen

At age 72, I was wondering how well I would be able to enjoy gardening in my retirement due to back problems.  Arthritis caused pain in my neck, back, and hands and both hips had already been replaced.  I was horrified when a friend emailed me a recent photograph of myself revealing a very hunched back.  That is when I resolved to do something to improve my posture.  In my search for answers, I heard of the Gokhale Method and took the Gokhale Elements Course with Kathleen O’Donohue.  Kathleen was the perfect teacher for me.  She was very thorough in explaining and demonstrating the different components of the Gokhale Method.  She took the time to answer my questions and encourage me every step of the way.  What a revelation this course was.  On the surface, the concepts of the Gokhale Method may seem simple.  However, they have profoundly affected my awareness of my posture and given me the tools to dramatically improve it.  I now enjoy participating in Kathleen’s weekly Moving Meditation class where she reinforces all that I learned in the Elements Course.  My back pain has diminished and I feel confident that I will be able to enjoy a very active and happy retirement.  I wholeheartedly recommend Kathleen as a Gokhale Method teacher.

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Linda Grass, Naturopathic Physician; Sherwood, Oregon

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