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Dina Zinnes' testimonial for Kathleen O'Donohue

Kathleen is an EXCEPTIONAL coach! I signed up for the online Gokhale Elements Course as COVID forced lockdowns, thinking it would be a useful way to spend the isolation. Little did I know what a fantastic adventure was ahead! This is far more than just a course about 'posture' — these are lessons about how to optimally use your body, from sitting to standing to walking and sleeping.

The course is beautifully organized into neat bite-sized pieces. Over a series of 18 13-minute sessions, you learn how to work with the various parts of the body so as to make the best use of the spine. 

My guide through these lessons was Kathleen — a fantastic, skilled, articulate teacher who, in each short session, expertly explained, demonstrated and then watched and coached me through each step towards a healthy spine and greater mobility. 

Kathleen was totally prepared and on target every time we met, providing additional insights to each new move as well as concisely and thoroughly responding to my wide-ranging questions. 

She was so good as my initial coach that I signed up for two additional follow up extensions with her (8 meetings each) to dig more deeply into the specifics of the course. 

Anyone lucky enough to work with Kathleen will find a jewel of a coach!

Testimonial Author: 

Dina Zinnes, PhD; Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign


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