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Phyllis Branch's Testimonial about Kathleen O'Donohue

I purchased Esther’s wonderful book several years ago after my second back surgery. I implemented several of the directions in the book but eventually fell off in that practice. In October 2021, after my 3rd back surgery, I signed up for the Elements Course with Kathleen determined to do all I could to better protect my spine. Having Kathleen as my online live coach was fabulous. She is clear, patient, and compassionate. Not everyone makes a great teacher, but Kathleen’s grasp of body dynamics and the Gokhale Method plus the ability to communicate these principles puts her in that category. 
Taking this course has helped me immeasurably in my strong recovery from a very difficult surgery. At this point, the long-term muscle and nerve pain in my back has finally relaxed. Practicing the proper neck positioning regularly has dramatically relieved my continual neck pain. I highly recommend this course, and Kathleen as a very effective teacher. 

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Phyllis Branch, Retired teacher and Business Owner, Portage, Michigan

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