a Question to Esther

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06/04/2012 - 2:26pm
a Question to Esther

I am a family physician ( www.SameDayFamilyMedicine.com) who has been practicing empowering people via
>> > educating them how to harvest their own heating power.  I have had difficult time in connecting with Esther directly after multiple attempts.  Esther's staff Alex directed me to this site: The best place for these conversations would be in our online Forums.
Here is the proper subforum for discussions on foot issues:

I would like to discuss with Esther about your opinion in resting ones soles on a flat surface. I do not agree with your feet position in her videos, at this point. I believe more with Alexander technique."  My email is [email protected]  Thanks.

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10/24/2014 - 11:05am

Hello Dr. Schmidt,

Thank you for inquiring about the Gokhale Method and in particular, in regards to foot positioning. My name is Kerri and am a Gokhale Method Teacher. We teach what we call the kidney bean feet. This is where the heels rotate inward while the front of the foot stays in place. This creates a kidney bean shaped foot and the toes angle out slightly with inner arches off the floor. This also creates healthy alignment in the knee as the knees externally rotate outward allowing the knees to track well. Additionally, this foot positioning allows the femur bones to exernally rotate and fit into the hip socket so that the pelvis can settle in the best postion for sitting. The behind is behind when sitting and the weight is on the anterior portion of the sitz bones. This foot positioning allows for good alignment all the way up the body. For me, when I learned to position my feet this way as well as keep more of my weight on my heels, I was able to, over time, correct the pronation issue I had all my life and contributed to a number of foot problems. I hope this gives some clarification for you and please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Best, Kerri

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