Gokhale Pain Free™ Chair

Gokhale Pain Free™ Chair

The Gokhale Pain Free™ Chair celebrates the philosophy that sitting is a natural healthy activity. Our chair facilitates stretchsitting and stacksitting, two techniques that transform sitting into a comfortable position and something that heals you rather than hurts you.


Special features:

Stretchsit® nubs: these soft nubs are built into the backrest and gently stretch your back. By hitching your spine against the nubs, you decompress your spinal nerves and discs. The discs are able to rehydrate and absorb nutrients from surrounding tissues to repair themselves.

Waterfall front with non-slip patches: The forward slope of the front half of the seat and rubberized patches facilitate stacksitting without slipping. Your pelvis tips gently forward, your vertebrae stack easily and your back muscles completely relax. Your breathing then provides a gentle spinal massage and the increased circulation helps revitalize your spine.

Excellence in materials: Made in Canada
High quality, environmentally-friendly fabric.
Hydraulic lift and wheels are of the highest quality on the market
10 year all-inclusive limited warranty for parts
Two year warranty on fabric

Total Height = 33" - 37.75"
Back Height = 9.5"
Back Width = 16"
Seat Height = 18" - 22.75"
Seat Width = 21.5"
Seat Depth = 16.5"
Chair weight - 25.5 lbs


Note: We can only ship to destinations within Canada, the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. Rush delivery is not available. We regret that we cannot ship internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii or other remote locations.

FREE SHIPPING to the continental US and Canada.

A note about shipping time: Please allow 2-3 weeks for your chair to be produced and delivered. When your chair is shipped via UPS Ground, we will email you the tracking number so you can track your package.

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