Gokhale Method

Primal posture for a pain-free life

Although stunningly simple, the Gokhale Method turns much of the conventional wisdom about pain and posture on its head. Each session gave immediate results, which have affected my life profoundly, and I now look forward to many years of a healthy neck and back...For what it's worth, I think she is the real thing!

- Joan Baez, Musician and Activist
5 stars: Just one weekend, and what a difference! I've used what I learned every day since. Maya did such a great job!
- Jane Nicholls, Williamstown, Massachusetts
I love this natural way of being in the world. The fact that I can improve my health with every step is very compelling. Keep up the teaching and spread the word. Everyone should be pain free!
- Cristi Bishop, Portland, Oregon

Thanks to the Gokhale Method, I was able to endure a 4000 km/2500 mile drive through the US and Canada with my husband. Previously I could not sit in the car for longer than 10 minutes without my sciatica acting up. Now I can sit for hours with little to no pain. I thought I would never travel again!

- Gerri Hynes, Ontario, Canada

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