Norm Brekke

Norm is a Gokhale Method Foundations teacher offering classes in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. He also has a passion for massage therapy, nutrition, and for integrating other holistic approaches into his wellness practice. Norm became a certified massage therapist in 2009 after an extended career that included time in the military and in sales/sales management. His personal growth and experiences have been truly transformative in his personal life, and those of his family and clients. Norm was introduced to the Gokhale Method when he observed Esther teaching at a Weston A Price annual conference. He immediately saw a strong connection between the muscular conditions of his clients and posture/movement. Reading “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back,” and attending Esther’s Gokhale Method Foundation Course cemented his desire to share this great information with his family, and to also teach it to others. Norm believes very strongly that pain-free living is something that everyone should aspire to, and that the Gokhale Method can be truly life-changing.

Norm lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife, Rachel. When not working he loves being outdoors, traveling, cooking and writing.

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Minneapolis, MN


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