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Aurelia Vaicekauskas

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[email protected]
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Chicago, IL
  • Maggie Maestre
    When I was halfway through my Gokhale Method Foundation Course, my husband had an episode of bad back pain. Instead of reaching for the medication I guided him as... read more
  • Marius Stalionis, student athlete, Macomb, Illinois
    I had a severe back pain that used to especially interfere with my workouts. Since Aurelia taught me how to stretchlie on my... read more
  • Maggie Kuhlmann, Chicago, Illinois
    As a weekly air traveler who has tried cortisone shots, massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy, I had almost come to accept my constant... read more
  • Raymond M.
    I suffered from chronic back and neck pain. After working with Aurelia learning the basics of the Gokhale method, I had much less pain in my back and neck. Just learning how... read more
  • Jodeanne Pfeiffer
    I just finished my foundation courses with Aurelia Vaicekauskas.  After seeing all the helpful videos with Esther and her high standards, I was especially... read more
  • Chris Kopeika
     Aurelia, you and your amazing teaching abilities and the Gokhale Method are changing my life! Less pain, more graceful form, movement. I am so grateful.... read more
  • Julia Koschinsky
    THANK YOU!!!! I loved your class. You made me look at things differently, which is one of the greatest gifts to receive. I really appreciate your kindness,... read more
  • Paul Bernin "It's nice, very nice..."
  • Nancy Sullivan, "I cannot say enough about how much I love this course"
  • Carol Johnston: "It's very easy to incorporate in to your everyday life!"
  • Kathleen Morris,Danbury, NC- Age 72- Retired Registered Nurse
    I have had low back pain for many years which resulted in 2... read more
  • Michelle Kim; Consulting; Chicago
    I am very glad I attended the Gokhale Method Foundations Course taught by Aurelia. Aurelia is a knowledgeable, detail-oriented, thorough, and... read more
  • Leigh Levine "It's made a huge difference!"
  • Mary Ann "I found an amazing teacher!"


Aurelia Vaicekauskas is a practicing massage therapist and Ortho-Bionomy® Associate in Chicago. Her search for ways to help clients maintain good health and retain the benefits of therapeutic work led her to the Gokhale Method. Logical, simple, and effective, the Gokhale Method deeply resonates with Aurelia’s belief in the importance of creating and supporting a harmonious and safe environment in one’s body so that new injuries are avoided and old injuries can heal.

Aurelia, who was born in Lithuania, studied painting and drawing in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA).  She has always been drawn to exploring the inner workings of the human body, including its wisdom and ability to heal. These interests led her to massage therapy, Ortho-Bionomy and the Gokhale Method. She is thrilled at how the Gokhale Method can flow into any activity as well as supporting order and balance inside one’s body and out. She loves experiencing this ease in her everyday life and wishes to share it with others.

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Chicago, IL

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