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Kathleen Morris's Testimonial About Aurelia Vaicekauskas

I have had low back pain for many years which resulted in 2 back surgeries.  The final diagnosis was “failed back surgery” in 2016.  In seeking relief for the pain, I have had epidural injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, and pain medication.  I met Aurelia through the Gokhale Method several months ago.  She has taken me through the Gokhale Elements Course with remarkable results.  I can stand and sit straighter.  I now know how to bend over correctly which results in less pain.  Aurelia is deeply knowledgeable and using Zoom walked me through each step of the Gokhale Elements Course process.  I recommend the Gokhale Method and Aurelia is the best!  It is well worth the time and monetary investment. 

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Kathleen Morris,

Danbury, NC- Age 72- Retired Registered Nurse

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