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Primal Posture™ with a Partner

July, 2017

Over time, many Gokhale Method students have brought in their spouses to take classes with them. We’ve noticed many extra benefits when partners take our course together.

Primal Posture™ can become part of a couple's everyday life

Partners provide a built-in gentle and effective reminder system, so both parties think about and practice primal posture more regularly throughout the day.

Partners develop their own vocabulary and personal references for talking to each other about primal posture and movement. This serves as a rich, shared filter for people-watching—whether on a city street, on a beach, on a vacation to foreign lands, or while viewing art at the local museum.

Visiting an art museum as a couple can spark many posture discussions and inspire partners to work on their posture technique

Embracing primal posture as a couple can add spice to life’s daily rituals and routines. The Gokhale Method brings a new dimension to shared activities such as cooking, cleaning, playing tennis, taking dance lessons, and walking the dog.

Couples do influence each other's posture, for better or for worse!

The Gokhale Method also serves as welcome common ground for partners who have different ways of viewing the world. One partner may be drawn to scientific and historical aspects of primal posture, while the other is attuned to the emotional and aesthetic. These differences can provide hours of stimulating posture discussion.

Brian White and Esther Gokhale, no longer encumbered by back problems or neck pain, enjoying the California countryside

Finally, partners who share the Gokhale Method experience often develop an increased confidence in aging well together, keeping bodies and minds beautiful and functional for ourselves and for the ones we love.

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Hope this will reach you directly, Esther.  I am a family physician ( www.SameDayFamilyMedicine.com (link is external)) who has been practicing empowering people via educating them how to harvest their own heating power.  I want to understand myself before able to share or treat others.  My blog listed:  http://gokhalemethod.com/sites/default/files/newsletter/hybrid/161103-World/10152.html, helps with poise/posture, may require sign up. Excellent from Stanford physical therapist.

So far, I have had difficult time in connecting with Esther directly after multiple attempts.  Esther's staff Alex directed me to this site: The best place for these conversations would be in our online Forums.
Here is the proper subforum for discussions on foot issues:

[email protected]

Everett, WA


has been helping me greatly. Though I still would like to discuss with Esther about your opinion in resting ones soles on a flat surface. I do not agree with your feet position in many of your short clipse videos.  At this point. I believe more with "Alexander technique." in terms of correct poise.  In fact posture is static, poise is dynamic.   I discovered and brought a remarkable Alexander Technique instructor Ellen Melamed (917-319-6311, http://ellensalexandertec.wix.com/tucson-az). Alexander Technique is not only good for musicians, but also for regular body poise and pain prevention and management. Thanks.

Hi Esther,

Thanks for this article.  It's all true - there are so many discussions you can have about posture.  My husband and I walk several miles every day and the top thing we talk about is our posture.  Our biggest surprise has been the emotional/psychological changes we experience after changing our posture.  We knew about body language and its influence on the psyche but just didn't realize that simple a roll of a shoulder or a shift of weight to the heel could make such a difference in how you feel about yourself (confidence, etc).  It's wonderful and amazing.  So thank you!


It's wonderful you have a posture buddy and that you are supporting each other!