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Overview Posture Sensei


PostureSensei consists of a wearable component—five small sensors that are placed vertically from the sacrum up the lumbar spine—and a mobile app, which communicates with the sensors to show the shape of your spine in real time, as you move.

This wearable enhances understanding of the concepts and techniques presented in the Gokhale Method. PostureSensei allows the student greater autonomy in judging their posture against their personal ideals, and measuring their progress in class.

Where Can I Find PostureSensei™?

Anyone can use PostureSensei under the guidance of a qualified Gokhale Method teacher. This wearable is unique in that it is not a standalone posture solution, but goes hand in hand with the education and training you receive with the Gokhale Method. Proper usage of PostureSensei requires a Gokhale Method teacher to help the student find and set posture ideals, to interpret the visuals in the app, and make healthy adjustments.

Corporate Events

PostureSensei is available for corporate events. For large group presentations, the wearable may be demonstrated by an assistant or volunteer. In a corporate Foundations Course, all students will have the opportunity to use PostureSensei themselves.

Our Teachers

Many of our teachers currently have PostureSensei available for interested students. The wearable may be demonstrated in Free Workshops, or used on students in an Initial Consultation, a private Foundations Course, or a Continuing Education class. (The wearable is not yet available for student use in group Foundations Courses, but may be used for illustrating concepts).

Esther's Classes

Esther Gokhale makes PostureSensei an available option for all interested students of her classes. You can see a demonstration in a Free Workshop, get your baseline spine-shape reading in an Initial Consultation, or track your progress and train your basics throughout a private or group Foundations Course, by signing up for a class with Esther today!



Top 5 Benefits of Using PostureSensei™

Gives you a 20/20 visual on the shape of your spine, and a quantifiable ideal to aim for.
Enables a visceral feel for the nuts and bolts that constitute your spine, to ground you in the parts that need care.
Allows you to drill and practice, and get immediate feedback even when your teacher isn’t actively guiding you.
Helps you locate muscle groups and engrain healthy positions more quickly by showing the effect that subtle changes have on your spine shape.
Reinforces the lessons through visual-kinesthetic comprehension and progress tracking throughout the course.


What Our Users Say About PostureSensei™

  • It's essential, I believe, for tracking improvements over time.

    Norman Crawford

  • It was motivating and encouraging to see how I could correct my posture by looking at the display as I moved.

    Barbara Olinger

  • I’m not sure I would have understood what I was feeling in my body without the visual feedback. It gave me that aha! moment.

    Laurie McKechnie

  • The immediate feedback as I moved a little this way or that was extremely helpful.  I learned much faster because of it.

    Jean Myers

  • The PostureSensei gives the student that ability to see their poor posture, see corrected posture, realize what corrected posture feels like, and gives that baseline so that they can return to the corrected position.  

    Laetitia Thompson


Participating Teachers

PostureSensei™ is used by the following teachers in 1-on-1 settings, including Initial Consultations, Private Foundations Courses, and private Continuing Education classes.

United States

Boonville, CA
Moraga, CA
Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Boulder, CO
Hockessin, DE
Atlanta, GA
Bloomingdale, IL
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Boston, MA
Portland, OR
Wallingford, PA
Daufuskie Island, SC
Everett, WA
Madison, WI
Madison, WI


Canberra, ACT, AU
Binalong Bay, TAS, AU
Parksville, BC, CA
Mumbai, MM, IN
Singapore, SG
Bristol, BST, GB
Bradley Stoke, BST, GB