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13 Simple Posture Lessons from Cats

November, 2016

1. Take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch


2. Sit up tall


3. Stretch out on your side


4. Or your back


5. Take time to play


6. And exercise!


7. Bend at the hips


8. You can sleep on pillows


9. Or hard surfaces!


10. Great strength requires great rest


11. Sometimes it’s good to push your limits of strength,




and patience and persistence


12. Surround yourself with loved ones


13. And lastly, enjoy yourself!


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This is great! Thanks for posting this. As a cat lover, I totally get it!

I have two cats (who for some strange reason didn't figure in this post - perhaps there's another post entirely about them waiting to happen...). I find myself thinking regularly about the Egyptians, who thought cats were gods incarnate - they really are exquisite.

Excellent! I have learned similar lessons from my dog.

Yes, it seems to work for just about every other kind of animal. Animals are not nearly as affected as humans by fashion, badly designed furniture, or directions about how to exercise the body. 

This would make a great calendar. Wonderful series of photos!