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Gokhale® Moment: Hair Pull

Gokhale Moment: Hair Pull



I really appreciate these simple practices for improving posture and comfort!

Glad this is useful to you!

Hi Esther,


This video describes me perfectly.  I have been told by a chiropractor that I have a "straight neck," which means my neck is always forward much more than it should be. When I lay flat on the floor, my head is in such a position that if I look straight ahead with my eyes, I am looking not at the ceiling straight above me, but at the ceiling several feet "above" where I should be looking.  Do you have any ideas or advice on how (or even if) this can be rectified?  I think it happened from when I was a child and spent a large amount of time standing on my head.



Work slowly and steadily in the way this video teaches. A very important component for getting to a good default architecture for our neck is to work with your pelvis. The pelvis is the foundation on which the rest of the spine, including the neck, stacks.

I appreciate your short videos. Thank you for the reminder. Kristi Porter

Do I need to be concerned that I might be moving my neck too far back? How do you know you've found the right position ? I don't want to over correct.