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Sabina Blumauer

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  • Joan Baez, Musician and Activist
    Although stunningly simple, the Gokhale Method turns much of the conventional wisdom about pain and posture on its head... read more


Sabina Blumauer lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is a professional biologist, devoted to exploring our connection with nature, its cycles, energy flows and ancient wisdom. She is also a swing and blues dance instructor, choreographer and performer who loves sharing her knowledge about movement.

As a dance teacher, Sabina emphasizes body awareness and movement as a form of communication with one's own body. She believes that listening to the body and discovering what feels good and what does not is a vital step not only in becoming a dancer, but also (and mainly) in connecting with one's body, which has its own profound wisdom that we would do well to learn from. Teaching partner dancing also gives Sabina the opportunity to explore and utilize the powers of touch.

One of Sabina's deep passions is exploring indigenous people, their way of life, and using their ancient wisdom to discover how to establish a conscious relationship with ourselves and the Earth.

Sabina encountered the Gokhale Method when her coworker shared 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back with her. The book had a profound effect on her; she was astonished to discover a compelling root cause of the frequent back problems that so many people in contemporary societies suffer. After attending the Gokhale Method Foundations course she knew that she wanted to share this profound knowledge with the world.

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