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Meenakshi Harjai

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  • Thyagi Thyagarajan, Singapore
    I was introduced to the Gokhale Method after I underwent back surgery in May 2016. After doing the Foundations Course with Esther Gokhale I had follow-up... read more
  • Sandhya Sundar, Singapore
    I have been suffering from debilitating back pain for a few years and no treatment / therapy was having a long term effect. After I took the Gokhale Method... read more
  • Seng Deong
    Gokhale Method helps in correcting our postures through precise instructions and explanation. Most of the techniques can be integrated into our daily routines and thus... read more


Meenakshi, based out of Singapore, has a background in IT and software development, but she developed a passion for exploring everyday human movements and the workings of the musculoskeletal system because of her own experience with back pain.

She wondered, could there be a optimal way to walk to alleviate back and knee pain? This question led her to discover the Gokhale Method and specifically Glidewalking as a technique to walk without pain. Meenakshi was amazed to find that body posture can be changed and corrected at any age; it is not permanent as is often thought. 

The Gokhale Method is empowering and anyone can learn and bring awareness to their form while moving, exercising, and even resting. Everyday movements and positions of sitting, standing, and bending become effective exercises to stretch and strengthen one’s body rather than hurt it. Meenakshi is excited to bring the Gokhale Method techniques to her students to help them live pain-free lives.

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