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Bachata Monday, June 12, 2023


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Advanced Glidewalking Thursday, June 15, 2023


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Online University

Price: $399.00
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  • Yearly Membership
  • High Definition Video Library
  • Live chats with Esther Gokhale
  • Access to Gokhale Exercise
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    Gokhale Elements

    Exclusive to our Alumni

    As a graduate of a Gokhale Method Course you have lots of options for you to refresh, to continue learning new techniques, and deepen your posture practice. The experience of our many alumni shows that ongoing practice, as well as learning new and advanced methods, make the experience of our Gokhale Method Courses even more valuable.

    You have two major options for continuing education:

    • You can do in-person follow up classes with a teacher in your area or
    • learn online with any of our online teachers based in many countries.

    Below you will see our online offerings and if you would like to explore in-person training options, click here.

    Online Alumni Classes

    You are an aluma/alumnus of the Gokhale Method and want to continue your posture journey online?
    We offer private 1:1 instructions with our qualified Gokhale Method teachers.

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    We offer private 1:1 instructions with our qualified Gokhale Method teachers for alumni of the Gokhale Method who want to continue their posture journey online.

    To become an alumni we suggest Gokhale Elements, a full online course of private posture coaching with a qualified Gokhale Method teacher.
    This course of 18 x 13-minute targeted lessons is consistently described as “life-changing.” Get started and revolutionize your posture today!

    If you are interested in a single private 25-minute individual posture analysis session, please visit this page.

    Online University-

    The Online University is a comprehensive program which includes:

    Gokhale Exercise

    1-2-3 Move

    Our daily program is hosted by Esther Gokhale and experienced teachers to help you exercise more effectively without injury. It uses dance, music, art, culture, and a Gokhale Method filter to help boost your energy each day.

    Gokhale Fitness

    A unique approach to building strength, endurance, and mobility while minimizing the risk of injury. By combining a Gokhale Method filter and an emphasis on breathing and relaxation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your ability to build muscle and power without the aggravation typically associated with workouts.

    Gokhale Moving Meditation is a 25-minute session taught weekly by two qualified Gokhale Method teachers. We guide you through Tai Chi-based, soft, flowing movements and joyful, peaceful visualizations with an emphasis on form according to Gokhale Method principles.

    Gokhale Yoga

    A twice weekly 45-minute Gokhale Yoga class with Gokhale Method teacher Lang Liu to stretch, strengthen and balance your body, mind and spirit. Relax with yoga poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. De-stress through mindful and safe movements, finding a greater awareness of the connection between body and mind. Gain greater flexibility, a youthful spine and a healthier, more balanced body.

    Replays: If you’re unable to join the live sessions, you can always watch replays of the daily programs, including the dance party, on our site until the next broadcast is posted.

    Online Chats with Esther Gokhale

    Twice a month, you are invited to a group chat with Esther: Alumni may initiate the discussion on subjects that are important to them. Any topic related to posture is welcome.

    Online University Video Library

    The library includes several posture video lessons. Each lesson focuses on a specific topic such as Beyond Stacksitting, Cooking With Healthy Posture, Foot Health, Yoga with Healthy Posture, Samba With Good Posture, and so on. The video lessons are designed to help you maintain, hone and grow your skills in various contexts. There is no restriction on when and how often you watch the video lessons within your one year subscription.

    Online Alumni Group Courses-

    Ready to take your Gokhale Method practice to the next level? Sign up for one of these deep dives created just for our alumni! Join two Gokhale Method teachers for 6 x 55 min online classes to review your techniques in detail.

    The Essence of Glidewalking

    Glidewalking is perhaps the most complex Gokhale Method technique taught in our Foundations, Elements and Pop-Up courses. After learning the basics, many students feel they have not quite “got it” and wish to refine their glidewalking.
    At the request of many students, this new online intensive course is a deep-dive into techniques you first learned during our courses and offers practice, coaching and guidance in which students receive individual feedback during lessons. Video material will help you truly understand the essence of glidewalking.

    Alumni PostureTracker Course

    If you finished Gokhale Elements or a Foundations Class more than a month ago, this offering will revisit the techniques you learned and more. In addition, you will have our friendly PostureTracker to help you integrate your learning effortlessly. It is one thing to have good posture while you are paying attention - it is beyond useful to have the PostureTracker catching those moments when you are unaware. Initial findings show this approach to be not only hugely beneficial, but really enjoyable as well. This special Alumni package represents the culmination of the Gokhale Method's desire to use modern technology to bring ancient wisdom alive in your body.

    To learn more about this amazing posture wearable, click here.

    Private Online Lessons-

    Bundles of 13-minute follow-up sessions

    Bundles of 13-minute private online follow-up sessions are available for Gokhale Method alumni continuing their posture journey. These powerful private coaching sessions take into account your specific musculoskeletal history, and are available with any of our qualified online teachers, in a variety of time zones.

    Single 25-minute online follow-up session

    You are welcome to book a private 25 minute 1:1 session at any time with any online teacher. You can use this session to refresh any aspect of your posture.

    Purchase packs of follow-up sessions-
    Teacher selection

    Pack of 8 credits

    Gokhale Method Teacher


    • 8 credits for private online sessions (13 minutes each)

    Pack of 16 credits

    Gokhale Method Teacher


    • 16 credits for private online sessions (13 minutes each)