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Continuing Education - Further Develop Your Skills (Refresher class)

  • Continuing Education

    Continuing Education - Further Develop Your Skills (Refresher class)

Registration is closed for this event
  • Seats available: 1
  • USD $ 60.00


Name of Facility: Healing Arts Center
2702 International Lane, Suite 208
Madison, WI 53704
United States

Facility Details: We are doing all we can to reduce the risk of Covid at our office. If you are feeling ill or have a temperature on the day of our lessons, please do not come. Just call me at 608-244-2446 and we'll arrange another date at no extra charge.

Parking Info: There is plenty of parking at the location. Our driveway at 2702 International Lane is the second left after the traffic light at the intersection of International Lane and Anderson. Drive to the far end of the parking lot and park near the bridge/ramp that you'll see leading from the parking lot to the second floor entrance door. Call or text me at 608-244-2446 and I will meet you at the door, or simply find your way to Suite 208.

About this workshop

We hope that you have found your Gokhale Method Foundations (GMF) course useful and enjoyable. The experience of our many alumni shows that ongoing practice, as well as learning new and advanced methods, make the experience of the Gokhale Method Foundations (GMF) course even more valuable.

These classes offer refresher training, as well as introduce new and advanced techniques. To ensure the quality of instruction, and to provide personalized attention, they are limited to a maximum of 8 students just like the Foundations Course. Hands-on alumni classes can be taken with any qualified Gokhale Method teacher regardless of who taught your Foundations Course. So if you're traveling to an area with a Gokhale Method qualified teacher, sign up for a class!

Your Teacher

Doreen Giles
[email protected]

Since 1996, Doreen has been an acupuncturist and NeuroModulation practitioner, helping people improve their health and quality of life. The Gokhale Method immediately captivated her.  "It's such a simple, practical way to help us feel at home again in our bodies," she says. "Instead of ignoring the body until it starts to hurt, now we can relearn our natural posture and stay active for years to come, preventing pain and injury."

Doreen provides a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere in her classes, fitting the lessons to the students’ needs.  By learning to use healthy posture in everything they do,...Read more

If the posted dates don't work for your schedule, or if you would prefer private instruction, please click below to initiate a request for private instruction with them. Your teacher can help with follow up appointments as well, get in touch with them.

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