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Rose's testimonial about Doreen Giles


I am so thankful for this course!  It has truly been life-changing.  I used to think good posture was strenuous and difficult to maintain, but now I can comfortably sit with good posture for as long as I want to!  Additionally, there is a noticeable improvement in my sense of well-being.  The benefits involve the entire body, not just the back, and it is mentally very uplifting.  My posture and gait were affected after a foot surgery. Even after a lot of physical therapy, my body still wasn’t functioning as “one unit.”  Now I have learned the importance of a proper, natural gait, which reduces the impact on feet and joints. After experiencing immediate benefits, I would advise everyone who grew up in modern society to take this course to "unlearn" the posture habits that lead to problems.  It is mentally and physically liberating to move the way that nature intended.  When you learn about your body's preferred posture, nature kind of takes over - it's not something you have to 'force' yourself to do. 

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Rose, Milwaukee WI

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