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Free Workshop - Reducing Back Pain
with The Gokhale Method

Event Details

  • Thursday, May 14, 2020
  • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Free of charge
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  • Seats available: Open


Name of Facility: Sundris Health
333 Barbara Ave
Solana Beach, CA 92075
United States

Facility Details: Directions From the North 333 Barbara Ave Solana Beach CA 92075 Upstairs Entrance Take I-5 South to Lomas Sante Fe turn Right onto Lomas Sante Fe * (CAREFUL EYES see that Encinitas has a "Sante Fe" exit...don't be fooled, keep coming south and look for LOMAS Sante Fe) Turn Right onto El Viento St Turn Right onto N Granados Ave Turn Left onto Cliff Street Turn Left onto Barbara Ave Directions from the South I-5 Noth take Lomas Sante Fe Dr exit use the Left 2 lanes Turn Left onto Lomas Sante Fe Turn Right onto El Viento St Turn Right onto N Granados Ave Turn Left onto Cliff Street Turn Left onto Barbara Ave Our sage green duplex is the 2nd structure from the corner on the West side of the street. We have 3 parking spots directly in front of the building feel free to snag one or find street parking. Additional dirt lot parking is available 2-3 blocks west of our location

Parking Info: Dirt Lot directions From the North Continue west on Cliff Street past Barbara and straight down the hill Turn Left on N Cedros and find a spot.

Event Description

(re)-Learn Primal Posture™

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the why and the how of the Gokhale Method. Every workshop is different, in order to best address the attendees’ needs. Workshops often begin by showing you how to stretchsit. This is a way of sitting that puts your back in gentle traction, easing compression in your spine and stretching out tight or spasmed back muscles.

Other techniques taught in this workshop will begin to help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate back, neck, muscle and joint pain
  • Prevent muscle and joint degeneration and injury
  • Increase your energy, stamina, and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and improve your appearance

Effects are often immediate and last a lifetime.

“Several months ago, when I first heard about the Gokhale Method from a friend who is an occupational therapist, I considered taking one of the free classes to get a better idea of what it entailed. However, I kept putting it off thinking that I should wait until my back felt better. After all, how was I going to sit for an hour and a half in a classroom when I couldn’t even sit 10 minutes in my own home due to severe sciatica pain? Finally I decided to attend one of the free classes thinking that I would just stand in the back of the room if the pain became too intolerable. The instructor started us out by teaching the stretchsitting technique which, to my great surprise, was very comfortable for my back and leg. Imagine my amazement when I realized that I had sat pain-free for 45 minutes! Now I am taking the course learning new positions for walking, lying, standing, bending, and more. The entire Method has been a true revelation, and I shall be using it for the rest of my life to promote good back health. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to take that free class!”

        - Jeri Bessat

“Having lived 12+ years with chronic lower back pain, I regained hope for finding a cure through attending a Gokhale Method free webinar.”

       - Aaron Nitzki

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Your Teacher

Michael Spatuzzi
[email protected]
858 538 0397

After discovering the gentle and effective Gokhale Method techniques, Michael immediately saw their potential for helping persons of all ages and activities to become and remain pain-free.

Curious about natural healing practices since childhood, Michael has been studying, practicing and teaching complementary medicine since 1978. His training in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is complemented by his extensive training and experience in deep structural bodywork, cranial sacral therapy, Western and Chinese herbology, naturopathic practices and much more.

Dr. Spatuzzi is the author of The Acupuncture Energy Chart and currently works as a practitioner or Clinical Supervisor in 5 clinics (including at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Rady Children’s Hospital and UCSD Health) while maintaining a private practice in Del Mar, California.

What others are saying

Benefits of learning the Gokhale Method:

  • Reduce/eliminate many kinds of musculoskeletal pain
  • Prevention of joint/disc degeneration
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve circulation and breathing
  • Look and feel more confident
  • Weight loss and reduce appearance of belly fat
  • Increase energy, stamina, and flexibility
  • Increase height (up to 1" or 2.54cm)
  • Increase productivity

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