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1440 Multiversity

Join Esther Gokhale for a special course at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California.

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Empowerment through Posture
Dates: May 17–19, 2019
Teacher: Esther Gokhale

Having arrived on the planet without a user’s manual for our bodies, we depend on our culture to help us develop healthy movement and posture habits. In modern times, however, this cultural support has been eroded. Join “posture guru” Esther Gokhale, LAc, for a weekend exploration of how your posture affects your whole life—and what you can do to restore and heal it.

Use posture as a springboard to examine the connection between physical well-being and emotional empowerment. With Esther’s guidance, you’ll observe the obvious aspects of strength and self-confidence like balance and poise, and dig into the less obvious aspects, like relaxation, openness, and adaptability.

During this workshop, you will study:

—How to improve your particular posture
—How common posture cues like “chin up, chest out” and “sit up straight” undermine rather than support your body’s structural integrity
—How to restore a natural, healthy, and confident body and mind.

This workshop is suitable for all people willing to invest intellectual and physical effort toward improving their way of being in the world!

Monisha White will be joining Esther in leading this workshop. As Esther Gokhale’s youngest daughter, Monisha is fortunate to have grown up with her posture intact. Monisha is a world champion in Ultimate Frisbee and enjoys playing tennis recreationally. Her understanding of how performance and confidence are influenced by posture and body mechanics has contributed to her athletic endeavors and maintaining a healthy body.

Tuition: $340
Participants will lodge at 1440 Multiversity. Lodging costs include all meals.

Recommended Text: 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, which can be purchased wherever books are sold including gokhalemethod.com and Amazon

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