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Free Local Workshops
Open Spots
Free Workshop Sunday, August 01, 2021, 4:30pm Open Abeja Hummel

Group Foundations Course:

Group courses are taught in small groups (max. 8) in intensive (weekend), semi-intensive, or six-week formats. The small group size allows you to get the individual attention you need while benefitting from the support of fellow students. The group course accommodates people with mild to moderate levels of pain, as well as people seeking to improve their well-being.

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Corporate pricing available. Please call our main office for more details.

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One-on-One Foundations Course:

Learning the Gokhale Method in a one-on-one setting allows for more flexibility in scheduling, permits your teacher to focus on you for the entire time, and allows for more privacy. Learn the basics of Primal Posture™ and how to apply this knowledge in situations particular to your life. The one-on-one Foundations Course accommodates people with mild to severe levels of pain, as well as people seeking to improve well-being.

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With Esther Gokhale: Call 1-888-557-6788 for availability and rates.

Online video lessons are also available at the same cost. For home visits, day rates, or requesting a teacher to come to your area, please contact one of our teachers directly. 

Sales and cancellation policies

Create a Group:

This flexible format allows you to custom fit our 6-session course to your needs. The length of each session depends on the size of your group:

2 people (six 60-minute lessons)
3 people (six 75-minute lessons)
4-8 people (six 1.5-hour lessons)

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Sales and cancellation policies

Group Foundations Course times:

Courses in 2021
Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Open Spots
Sun Aug 22,
Sun Aug 29,
Sun Sep 05,
Sun Sep 12,
Sun Sep 19,
Sun Sep 26,
Open Abeja Hummel

Alumni Classes

There are no classes of this type scheduled in this city at this time, but we will set one up if there's enough interest! You can submit a class request here

Initial Consultation
 Please contact an approved Gokhale Method teacher teaching in your area  (shown to the right).
Teacher Training

If you are interested in knowing more about our teacher training program, please contact us at [email protected].