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Harrison Conerly

[email protected]
Whitefish, MT

  • Patricia Durham ; California
    The course has been valuable in introducing me to the elements of the Gokhale Method, particularly with my interest in establishing and maintaining excellent, pain-resistant posture throughout my daily and nightly activities, as years and behaviors otherwise take their toll on my unsuspecting body...Read more


Harrison formed a deep love of health and wellness many years ago and has since made it a personal goal to optimize his physical and mental wellness. During this time, he developed a passion for movement patterns and an awareness of how under-emphasized they are within most fitness regimens.

He turned to Esther Gokhale's method when persistent back pain plagued him despite all his other efforts. Finding great success, thanks to Esther's dedicated observations and research, he decided to share the knowledge with others by becoming a qualified Gokhale Method teacher. He splits his time between the east and the west these days, sharing the path to a pain-free life in his travels.

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