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Gokhale® Moment: Concrete Worker (Brazil)

Gokhale Moment: Concrete Worker (Brazil)



Extremely helpful explanation--I've looked at photo before but really couldn't see what it showed. Please do the same with other photos in book. Thank you!

Great suggestion to elaborate on the photos in the book - thanks!

Esther - super helpful.  I agree with other commenter - you can do this with ALL your wonderful photos!  It helps us develop our eye so we can see.  A year ago I had my husband video me walking because I thought I was looking pretty awesome.  lol.  I thought I had the glide down to perfection.  Well just a few days ago I came across the video and was apalled to see I had a swayed back!  I could see it immeditately!  So it takes time for us to develop our keen eye to see what we need to see.  Your discussion of a photo is just so helpful.  Thanks.


Yoou're right it takes time and repetition to develop one's eye. Good for you that you went throught the trouble to video-document your gait! Now you can enjoy hopw far you've come. I've begun documenting baseline sitting, standing, and bending posture not only in photographs but also with the PostureSensei™ spine snaps. It's super useful to see clear evidence of change...