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We at the Gokhale Method are proud to announce that our high-tech PostureTracker wearable sensors with iPhone app are ready for sale.

Esther Gokhale and her team of teachers are passionate about making back pain rare and supporting people all over the world who wish to change their postural habits in order to live pain-free.

If you are lucky enough to have a teacher in your area, we can offer you in person, hands-on guidance and gentle correction. But even then, we cannot see what you are doing with your posture 24/7. And this is where our groundbreaking technology comes in.

PostureTracker Sneak Peek

Check out the PostureTracker in action as seen in Esther’s hit TV show, Secrets to Sitting with Esther Gokhale.

Gokhale PostureTracker

The PostureTracker is a wearable, consisting of two sensors and a wireless charging station. The sensors can be placed in various places on your body to track your posture. The PostureTracker app gives you live feedback about your posture in various exercises and everyday activities, ideally supporting posture training. This allows you greater autonomy in judging your posture against personal targets, and in measuring progress along your posture journey. You can view feedback and statistics in your Gokhale Method account.

Combining age-old wisdom with state-of-the-art sensor technology and live feedback, the PostureTracker app enhances students’ understanding of Gokhale Method concepts and techniques.

Can I use the PostureTracker with any phone or device?

The PostureTracker app is compatible with any recent Android phone (Android 10+) or iPhone (iOS 13+) device. You can download the current version of the PostureTracker User Guide from our support area.


There are no classes of this type scheduled in this city at this time, but we will set one up if there's enough interest! You can submit a class request here



Gokhale Elements with PostureTracker™

PostureTracker™ used in these classes

Go Essentials



  • 18 x 13min Online lessons
  • + 1 Stretchsit Cushion
  • + 1 Gokhale Wedge
  • + 1 Head Cushion
  • + PDF of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back
  • + Video Back Pain: The Primal Posture Solution
  • + 1 Month of Online University

Go Premium



  • Everything in the Silver Bundle

  • + 1 PostureTracker™
  • + 1 Technology briefing

Go Ultimate



  • Everything in the Gold Bundle
  • Everything in the Silver Bundle
  • + Gokhale Pain-Free™ Chair
  • + One year instead of one month
    of Online University
  • + 1 additional Stretchsit Cushion
  • + 1 DVD Secrets to Pain-Free Sitting
Course Name Starts on Open spots Language
Alumni PostureTracker™ Course Thursday, June 27, 2024


Open English Sign Up

Pop-up Course

Date and time: Friday, August 16, 2024
9:30am Pacific Time
Open spots: Open
Location: Rochester, New York
Language: English
Teacher: Esther Gokhale

Pop-up Course

Date and time: Friday, August 30, 2024
9:30am Pacific Time
Open spots: Open
Location: Palo Alto, California
Language: English
Teacher: Esther Gokhale

Alumni Courses

Revisit the techniques you learned in Gokhale Elements or the Gokhale Method Foundations Course and more. In addition, you will have our friendly PostureTracker to help you integrate your learning effortlessly. It is one thing to have good posture while you are paying attention - it is beyond useful to have the PostureTracker catching those moments when you are unaware.
This special Alumni package represents the culmination of the Gokhale Method's desire to use modern technology to bring ancient wisdom alive in your body.

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To learn more about how the PostureTracker can help you, sign up for a free introduction to the PostureTracker.