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Holiday Poem

December, 2017

Written by Lori Szalay, Gokhale Method Teacher


Here’s a little story I’d like to tell,

Some of you may know it well…..


Twas the day of the Foundations Course and all through the room,

Backs, necks, shoulders and much more were aching and there was a feeling of doom.

The stretchsit cushions were attached on the chairs with care,

A Posture Poised Teacher was there with knowledge to share.


The students knew they would learn to stretchlie to be comfortable in their beds,

As visions of a pain-free life continued to dance in their heads!

With compressed spines, slouchy shoulders and many with rounded backs,

Each had their own concern yet all eager to learn the posture modification facts.


When they lengthened their spines and used the stretchsit cushion for traction,

They sighed with relief from such a simple therapeutic action! 

Next was the shoulder roll…forward, up, back and down,

There was a sound of a crackle, a pec stretch….. but not a single frown!  


Onto the feet, to reshape them like a “Kidney Bean,”

It lines up your knees and hips….if you’ve done it you know what I mean!

With the illusion of helium filling up in their heads,

Their necks elongated, going from pressed down to much taller instead.   


With their inner corset engaged and ribs anchored in,

Standing up proved to give a feeling of being a bit thin.

With feet shaped just right and weight shifted back on their heels,

Each stood so straight…. it really was a big deal! 


As they anteverted their pelvis, tipping forward a slight,

Their ‘bum’ floated back and up…. and landed just right!

Keeping their upper body strong… shoulders back, neck straight,

Each knew healthy posture was part of their fate!


As they learned to bend using a technique call ‘hip-hinge,’

Having flexible hamstrings and hip-rotators is how to avoid any muscle twinge!

Checking the ‘groove’ assuring their back stays tall,

Realizing each hinge is a bend…. no matter how big or small!


Next onto Glidewalking, a four part check list straight from the book,

Now using their muscles with every step they took!

To the sound of music and courses they came, 

They walked and practiced each part by name….

“Keep your heel down, leg straight and extended back,

Squeeze your glutes, land with a soft knee…..Relax!


There is so much more to learn and much more to tell,

If you are student of the Gokhale Method you know all this too well!

If you are thinking about taking the course, do not fret or hesitate,

Log onto the website, register to take the course and begin your Posture Fate!


One more thing to leave you as I go…. Happy Holidays to all and a "BIG HO-HO-HO!!"

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