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Roberta Cooks, M.D.

Roberta trained as a physician at New York University School of Medicine and has spent much of her medical career educating the public on health and medicine by designing interactive museum exhibits on subjects ranging from the micro-world of cells to human development, aging, women’s health and the brain.

Roberta came to the Gokhale Method through her love of dancing Argentine Tango and her desire to find answers for the musculoskeletal pain sufferers in her own family. Introduced to 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by her tango instructor, Roberta was immediately struck by the sound anatomical principles behind the method, and the empowerment of teaching students to heal their own bodies through mastering the proper way to sit, stand, bend over and walk – so that life itself becomes a meditative road to health.

Teaching the Gokhale Method combines so many of her interests and beliefs about mind-body connections, learning from our past, and the structural wisdom and beauty found in our muscles and bones. She finds great joy in helping people move their way to a more active, open and pain-free life.

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