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John Carter

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[email protected]
+44 0772 40 96 247
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Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Claire, Massage Therapist
    The more I do the better I feel and the easier the movements become. John has been an excellent instructor.Read more
  • Shivani, radio presenter
    Absolutely excellent. John is a very patient and perceptive tutor.Read more


The Gokhale Method gave John his life back. 

In 2007/8, more than 20 years of chronic pain had become severe: stabbing pain at L5-S1; burning pain along the length of his lumbar; neck and head pain topped off by increasingly frequent and debilitating migraines. Walking any distance triggered levels of pain that made John think he was heading for a mobility scooter.

Training as a yoga teacher hadn’t helped in the way he had hoped, but it did lead him to a podcast interview with Esther Gokhale. What she said sounded logical...and different. When later traveling in India, John saw first-hand the reality of beautiful, pain-free posture and movement exactly as described in Esther's book 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back.

He then went on to take the Gokhale Method Foundations Course, which proved transformative. Stretchlying on the back was his initial gateway to comfort for the first time in years. The migraines stopped and the other problems gradually became history. Comfort is now John's norm.
John has been sharing this transformation as his vocation for over a decade now. He also works as an open water lifeguard. Someone else has that mobility scooter.

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