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Doreen Giles

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[email protected]
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Madison, WI
  • Vida Groman "It was a great experience!"
  • Jeri Parrott "My balance has improved 100%"
  • Mimi Rose "I’m so glad that I did this!"
  • Cheryl and Wendy “It’s a more organic way of being.”
  • Michelle Meramour "I personally think this class is life changing."
  • Betty Kareen; Madison, WI
    Not only was my persistent nine-month-long pain from a pinched nerve relieved after my two-month practice of the Gokhale Foundations Course with Doreen, but my chiropractor noticed that my degenerated disc in the lumbar region showed increased height on comparative x-rays! So great to see the...Read more
  • Annie Bachmann “I’m really grateful to have been able to take this course…”
  • Rose, Milwaukee WI
    I am so thankful for this course! It has truly been life-changing. I used to think good posture was strenuous and difficult to maintain, but now I can comfortably sit with good posture for as long as I want to! Additionally, there is a noticeable improvement in my sense of well-being. The benefits...Read more
  • Deb Claire: "It's an investment in how I function in the world and I can't think of a better way to use that money."
  • Danette Knickmeier 
    While the Gokhale book is a great way to learn about the method and the research behind it, I found the Foundations Course to be the perfect next step for taking my education to a higher level. Not only did my teacher Doreen review the lessons with me and walk through them in great detail, she also...Read more
  • Ann Marie Waterhouse; Madison, WI
    Because of some life-saving abdominal surgery when I was 17, I have had a persistent pain behind my right shoulder blade whenever I stand for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time, like when I'm cooking, for example. With the Gokhale Method, I learned how to use my " I nner Corset" to...Read more
  • Sigrun Franzen; Piano Instructor; Madison, WI
    The Gokhale Method teaches good skeletal postural alignment in a very practical, immediately applicable way. In my explorations of various bodywork methods, I was frustrated by not knowing how to apply them successfully to my movements. The Gokhale Method teaches exactly what to do. It's great...Read more
  • Amy Alpine
    I want to share my experience with others who might be weighing the pros and cons of private online vs. group or private in-person classes. I knew I wanted a hands-on experience but was hesitant to make the commitment— an intensive weekend class with Doreen Giles would require a three-hour...Read more


Since 1996, Doreen has been an acupuncturist and NeuroModulation practitioner, helping people improve their health and quality of life. The Gokhale Method immediately captivated her.  "It's such a simple, practical way to help us feel at home again in our bodies," she says. "Instead of ignoring the body until it starts to hurt, now we can relearn our natural posture and stay active for years to come, preventing pain and injury."

Doreen provides a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere in her classes, fitting the lessons to the students’ needs.  By learning to use healthy posture in everything they do, students can enjoy lifelong benefits.

A part of the Madison community for over 30 years, Doreen is an avid student of the healing arts, dance and yoga, as well as a member of the local Threshold Choir chapter.

Doreen's Online Offerings

Online lessons are a good way of learning the Gokhale Method from your home. Doreen offers online lessons through Zoom.

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Doreen's In-Person Offerings

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Madison, WI

Foundations Courses in 2024
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Alumni Classes
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Continuing Ed - Refresher 1 hour(s) Tuesday, July 02, 2024, 1:00pm 0

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