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Deepa Jain

Contact Information:
[email protected]
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Atlanta, GA
  • Carla Fine and Allen Oster: "It has really, really helped us."
  • Steve Finney: "Brought the material to life."
  • Ben Baumrind: "I find it to really be helpful."


Intrigued by the geometry and intricate movement patterns involved in all forms of dance, Deepa is grateful to have found the comfort that natural posture allows. Rhythm and melody from all parts of the world are her pathways to exuberance and healing. Deepa revels in being a bridge to others, as so many of her teachers have been for her. These teachers excelled in dance, yoga, fitness, music, and, finally, the Gokhale Method.  

As a former financial marketing analyst, Deepa experienced disruptive pain in her arms, wrists, and neck while sitting for many hours a day. She held a frequent visitor card to various gifted physical therapists. Oddly, the severe pain dissipated when practicing or performing Middle Eastern or Kathak dance, often within the same day. Finding the Gokhale Method provided her with so many of the answers to this puzzle, and a systematic approach toward pain reduction. She is eager to help others unravel their own posture puzzles.

Recently, through caring for her mother, who is in her 80s and faces many health challenges, Deepa has a new-found appreciation for the magic that can result from practicing the Gokhale Method at any age and any stage. She desires to emphasize this importance to others who play a caretaking role in any capacity, personally or professionally. 

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