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Deepa Jain

Deepa is a dance teacher and performer, focused on Middle Eastern dance and Kathak, a North Indian classical form. As someone intrigued by the intricate movement patterns involved in dance, she is grateful to have found the simplicity and comfort that natural posture allows for her body. Along with dance education, Deepa has a professional background as a financial marketing analyst. She had experienced disruptive pain while sitting for many hours a day, through long meetings and in front of a computer. Discovering that the pain dissipated when practicing or performing dance, she was perplexed at how the two could co-exist. Finding the Gokhale Method provided her so many of the answers and a systematic approach toward pain reduction. Today, through both dance and teaching the Gokhale Method, Deepa pursues and shares her passion for harmonizing the body through both movement and stillness.

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New York, NY

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New York

New York, NY

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Continuing Education - Reinforcing J-Spine as a 2020 Urbanite 2 hour(s) Saturday, December 14, 2019, 11:00am Open

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