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How to read your spine using four letters of the alphabet.


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Which Shape is Your Spine?

Written by: Esther Gokhale

The curves in our spines precisely reflect our everyday posture habits.

SCIJ isn’t a very memorable acronym, but the shapes of the letters do accurately represent the four most common spinal shapes. In this blog post you will discover which SCIJ category you belong in, what changes you might want to make, and the first baby steps to improve your spinal shape.

To get an idea of the current shape of your spine, view yourself side-on. You can use a mirror, but it is best to photograph or video yourself, or use several mirrors, so that you can observe your shape without turning your head. Take a while to study yourself both sitting and standing. Notice that your spine changes if you alternate between swaying and slumping.

Click here to continue reading about how to analyze your spinal shape—and change it for the better.

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