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End Back Pain: Stretchsitting




Can I try this on any chair?


Because I have wooden chairs at home which are non-adjustable, have a straight back support that may be ending at my mid-back (not sure though), and have an outcropping below.



So, will that do?




Regards from India,


You can do this on almost any chair - you just have to figure out how to attach an element wihich will offer some friction to stretch up against, that meets your back somewhere in the mid-back (it's not important exactly where).


I attended a free class and I have been practicing sitting at home. I am using a folded towel as recommended on the back of the chair. My back muscles get tight in the middle of my back in a very short time. Do you have advice on what I can do to correct this problem? Thank you!

If done right, this should be very comfortable. Several possibilities come to mind:

  • The towel could be placed too high. You want it to nudge you up just below your thoracic curve.
  • Is the folded towel too packed / hard? Try using a plush towel with lots of give. In our Stretchsit cushion we purposely chose a soft grade of foam.
  • Are you overdoing the stretch?

You are also invited to demo your attachment and technique at one of my online teleseminars. They don't cost anything and are intended to serve the public in just this sort of way. Hope to see you there!

Hi - I bought the cushion a few days ago.  It’s not helping is and really making my back tense.  I am probably not positioning it correctly.  I’ve watched your videos and looked at images and it’s difficult to see exactly where it should be on my back.  I am short-waisted.  Should this be right above my waistline?  Thanks.

If you are short-waisted, it may need to goas low as a lumbar cushion would go, though it would be used very differently (to reduce curve rather than increase curve). It may even be that you need to fold the cushion in two along a horizontal fold with the nubs facing out to fit it below your shoulder blades. The cushion should never interfere with your shoiulders being able to roll back, nor shoiuld it create discomfort in your thoracic spine by hitting it just where the spine curves outwards. Rather it should boost you just below the thoracic curve. 

It's a good idea to attend one of our free online workshops where I demo stretchistting as well as where to place the cushion. You are welcome to demo your technique through your webcam o I can help you tweak it. 

Hope you persist with this because there's much to be gained once you figure it out.