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Reflections on teaching the Gokhale Method

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I have been practicing the Gokhale method fro a few weeks now and am feeling positive about it. I have been having back, Piriformis pain for the past three years.
I have a question: Listening to all the testimonials makes me very positive about the method. I was just wondering, for those who've had long term back pain, and who started the gokahle method, how long did it take for signs of heeling?

Results begin to show anywhere from 5 minutes into the start of the first class to never. It's common for people to feel early results during or after the first lesson; it's rare for people to not have significant results during the six-lesson course. 

Results from reading the book or watching the DVD are less reliable as many people have difficulty translating what they read or see into changes in their bodies. 

Many of the testimonials in the video section give you some idea of when people experienced changes - they are almost all taken at the end of the siex-lesson course.