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Neck Shear

Gokhale Moment: Neck Shear



Thank you so much. I am in real need for better neck health. The  book should be here in 3 days and I look forward to learning more. 

You are so welcome! The book will give you a lot of background info, supporting techniques, etc - glad you will be reading it.

Thank you for this post! Very helpful!


I'm glad you said it was not an easy movement to find.  When I try it, it's like I might as well be trying to bend my knee in the wrong direction.  My body just says this is not the way I was made to move.  Even when I hold one hand near one ear and push my opposite jaw with my other hand, that is the case.  I trust if I keep trying, even if I don't see any correct movement, my body will get the idea that this is possible.  Is that true?  Or is this a sign that maybe my neck muscles need something else first.  I know I have cervical stenosis somewhere around C-5 if that has any relevance.

I suspect that this is a much needed exercise for me.  I’m finding impossible to move my head in a lateral movement without also turning my chin sidewise.  Therefore it is helpful to know that by pushing on my jaw, I can start the process.  In fact, just doing that seemed to relieve some of my neck and jaw discomfort.  Thank you!