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Gokhale℠ Moment: Stacksitting with your behind behind you!




I saw the video and liked it because it gave me options that show me how you use your entire body, including your feet. I have had trouble sitting with my butt back and not spacing my feet to hold my upper body straight. I shall now place my feet as you have done.

When I walk, I sometimes feel like my back is broken and I cannot hold my body upright. With my 97th birthday next week, can you recomend any exercises, or whatever? 

Thank you,


Congratulations on reaching the ripe old age of 97! And congratulations that you continue working on the underpninnings of good health. For tips on walking more upright, I recommend using your glutes vigorously. This presentation - Walk This Way - that I gave a few years ago should be helpful. Good luck! 

Loved the clarity in the video! Do you have a video of 'How to stand'? If so, may I request you to send it to me.


Gul Malani

Standing is challenging to teach, even hands on. In Lesson 3 of our Gokhale Method Foundations course, when we first introduce standing, people feel ape-like and we have to show them their reflection in a mirror, or a quick snapshot of their stance, to convince them that they look perfectly normal - and actually better than usual. 

Begin by following the step by step directions in the book and the DVD while standing in front of a mirror. I recommend gong to one of our teacher's free workshops, and best of all, signing up for an intial consultation or our Gokhale Method Foundations course.  

Nowadays, many people stick in one position and doing their job. In, I have read that many people are suffering obesity problems sue to strss and sit in the chairs for many hours. I hope this exercises will burn the claories and prevent the obesity.

Thanks for sharing this quality information with us. I really enjoyed reading. FNAF [url=]FNAF[/url]