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Gokhale Moment: Soldier (Brazil)

GM Soldier



Love this photo and a moment of Gokhale Method. Thank you!

So glad it gives you pleasure!

The Brazilian soldier is not only an inspiration for all of us posturally, an army that does not go to war should be an inspiration for all the armies of the world. No killing, just great health. Peace be with you, Esther.

Well said!

Thank you. I enjoyed this :) Stunning picture and inspiring words

Also to note is that Brasil is a second world country and as such doesn't suffer from the burden of excess. As such they have a diet that keeps (at least while they're young) them trim and fit. A high fat high protein diet is the leading cause of illness in first world countries mainly because of excess. I think Brasil's main diet is beans and rice. The major cause of arthritis is an autoimmune issue as well as fat in the arteries which causes restricted blood flow to vital organs and muscles, spinal disks included. Autoimmune diseases from the first world diet include degenerative disks and cartilage along with a whole host of other diseases.