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Gokhale Moment: Jaw Tension




I need to practice that for sure. thanks

WOW! Thank you for this great.. simple exercise..I hold ALL my tension in my jaw... I have a C5-6 Neck Fusion..plus.. TMJ.. Immediately after doing this exercise a couple of times.. I could feel a release and interesting.. My ears opened up a bit! ( have eustatian tube issues .. allergies.. as well).. 

God Bless you for all you do! 

Mari Quigley Miller


Ms. Gokhale, I hope you read this because I have a pretty huge question and haven't found anyone else to even address it. I've been following your posture guidelines, and when I hold my head straight as you do in this video and relax my jaw, it feels wonderful, but my jaw juts out over my upper teeth. I get a pretty huge underbite when I relax my jaw and can't close my teeth. As a kid, I had an overbite and got braces, as well as several permanent teeth removed to correct it. Now, in order to be able to close my teeth together, I have to actively push my jaw back and there's always pain and a clicking on the left side. No dentist has had anything to say about it so I'm hoping you or someone here might help. Is it normal to have to push back with my jaw muscles just to close my teeth together? I know the clicking and pain are not normal. Any advice would be so amazing. Thank you!

This is indeed a huge question, and one that's not in my area of expertise. One indication that you may not have seen the right expert is the use of incorrect terminology in your description of what is going on. Search Google images for Overbite versus Overjet - I think you may have some confusion there. One type of specialty that may be helpful to you is orthotropics. I don't know enough to recommend it, but they have a gentle approach and take into consideration matters like breathing and general body posture.

Thank you so much for your time. I'm going to research immediately what you've suggested. As a child I was definitely told I had an overview so that's the only term I really know. I'm so happy there might be hope for me! I love your work!

Thank you, Ester, for this video.  I have been suffering from TMJ and headaches and have seen acupucturiest and chirapractor, and dentists.  My new dentist suggested that I need to pull 2 teeth out, get braces on the top and bottom to fix my overbite first.  I definately don't want to do that.  I want to try this exercise first.  How often do you recommend I do this per day and how long do I need to hold? Thank you so much for your work!


Glad this gives you hope. Please be aware that it may take more than watching a video to fix the significant problem you are describing! This is a good start, as long as you do it gently and watch out for any increase in discomfort. Good luck!

I read your comment about the TMJ and headache and wanted to share my knowledge on this subject.

It is 75% correlation between TMJ and Sleep Apnea, and your dentist should know that! Never extract any teeth!

It is against the nature and will make things worst! There are several TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centers in USA, where 

 dentists specialized in TMJ disorders will be able to help and eduvcate you.

All the best,






P.S. Please ask your doctor a referral for a sleep study to rule out the sleep desordered breathing or a sleep apnea.

OMGosh...I have this HUGE overbite...but when I stretched my neck like you said and relaxed...my overbite went away...just like you said!   How do I get it to stay that way?!   I could use any lengthening as I am really short! lol  heart

Dear Esther,

Thank you for posting this video. I will certainly be doing this during the day.

During the night is where I have a problem. I have been folling the guidelines in your book for sleeping postions. It has taken some time to adjust, but I feel I am making progress. However for example, yesterday I had a good deeep sleep without waking during the night and my teeth were clamped together tightly, whcih results in a headache for the rest of the day. I have an overbite and it seems to accenuate during the night with the top jaw coming over bothe jawas tight then the vack jaw sliding back. If I  fall asleep on my back, I wake up gasping for air and have a dry throat, Could you recommend any other excersises please. Any help would be appreciated.

I have followed your guidelines for glide walking, sitting and bending with good progress..

Many thanks