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Gokhale® Head Cushion FAQs

Gokhale Method Head Cushion FAQs



Thanks for making these 3 videos that clarify some of the specifics of your method.  I found some good reminders that had shipped out of my mind  after my class.  


Ps. Your hair looks great in the head cushion video! 

This cushion looks really marvellous. Is there an adress in Europe where I can buy this cushion;
I have a lordose and kyfose and if I keep my head straight and bring it to the back than I can keep myself straighter. But when I am doing things I tend to forget and my head goes forward and upperback collapse.
I think I should really be helped by a cushion
Thank you for more information where to buy
I live near Antwerp in Belgium
Exact adress : Astrid Bodart, De Kluis 7, 2970 Schilde, Belgium