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Getting Started with the Gokhale Method

Getting Started



What is the best way to learn the Gokhale technique if you live in Australia?

Hi Johnnyfive8,

We have a couple of teachers in Australia now: myself, based in Canberra, and Michelle Ball, based in Tasmania. Michelle often travel teaches in Sydney and Melbourne, among other places.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can reach me on 0438 489 648 or [email protected]. You can email Michelle at [email protected].

Best wishes for your pain-free journey!
Tegan Kahn

Can you remove the irritating music in the background while the lady is talking?

If you can't remove the music can you explain why you have music that interferes with the talk?  It's so weird to put annoying music on an informative video that it makes your organisation look unprofessionaland amateurish.   You must have had this feedback before so why haven't you removed the music?  

I'm genuinely interested in doing a course on this method but you've raised questions with this video.

Agreed. Music is annoying, adds nothing, makes it harder to hear and follow. Makes me wary of DVDs because I would not be able to handle this for more than a few minutes.