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Tonya Haff's Testimonial about Tegan

Great method, fantastic teacher. For me this method is pretty revolutionary because, as a mother of two young kids, I find it very hard to set aside time for self-care such as regularly completing physio exercises, attending yoga classes, etc.

Tegan is a kind, friendly and approachable teacher, and she makes learning the methods as easy as possible. I read the book before I took the course, and I have been continually impressed by how much more I have gotten out of the method through her patient and clear instruction. She has made it much easier to integrate the small changes necessary to carry the method into daily life: for example, using a prop to change an unergonomic chair into one that can promote healthy posture for hours a day. Tegan is prompt with feedback online as well. I highly recommend the Foundations Course!

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Tonya Haff, Canberra

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