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Inspiration from Lithuanian villagers


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Posture in Old Lithuania

Written by: Aurelia Vaicekauskas

Harvesting rye with scythes in early twentieth-century Lithuania. Original photograph Balys Buročas, 1923.

The Gokhale Method is based on healthy body architecture and has been informed by movement patterns from populations without back pain, those shared by our ancestors worldwide. This inspired me to take a look at my own forefathers in Lithuania; especially their posture while laboring in the fields.

My ancestors in Old Lithuania, like ancestral peoples everywhere, carried much body wisdom. Working the land shaped their bodies and their posture, season after season.

While browsing an online treasure trove of historical photos, I immediately recognized the pristine body architecture of the Lithuanian farmers. Here were women and men working with a clear J-shaped spine, which is found in highly functioning and musculoskeletally sound populations and is a cornerstone of the Gokhale Method.

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Interested in sharing the ins and outs of the Gokhale Method with friends and family but not sure where to start? Check out Esther's in-depth Q&A on famed wellness website goop!

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