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Marisa McGinnis' testimonial for Esther Gokhale

For the last two years I had severe sciatica pain down the backs of both of my legs to the point where I was in constant pain and could barely walk. I also had a sore neck and was using a mechanical neck traction device daily. My physicians recommended a back shot and medication, which I didn’t want to do since the back shot either doesn’t work or stops working after a few months. As a very active person — a non-professional ballet dancer and the owner of an extremely active dog (Australian Shepherd) — my life was miserable. After going to my acupuncturist for a couple of months, who got rid of about 85% of my pain, and then an activation release therapist who got rid of the rest of my calf pain, I was planning a trip to the South of France for 4 weeks. I was terrified that the pain would return, so I signed up for a private Foundations Course with Esther in order to complete my training before I left. 


Esther taught me how to stand, walk, bend over, and sit properly. I bought two Stretchsit® Cushions: one for my car and one for my home computer chair. The result of my experience learning and practicing the Gokhale Method is that I have no more neck pain and no longer have to use the mechanical traction device. I sleep better and don’t wake up several times a night anymore. My calf pain is still gone. In France, I took a total immersion French course so I was in class approximately 8.5 hours a day, mostly sitting. My posture was great and I experienced no back discomfort from sitting that long, in contrast to my slumping fellow classmates who did not have the privilege of Esther’s expertise.

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