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Continuing Education - Further Develop Your Skills (Refresher class)

  • Continuing Education

    Continuing Education - Further Develop Your Skills (Refresher class)

Registration is closed for this event
  • Seats available: 3
  • USD $ 100.00


Name of Facility: Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
505 E Charleston Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94306
United States

Facility Details: Masks are recommended on campus. Please note you must be vaccinated to attend this class. If you are not vaccinated for medical reasons, please reach out to our Support Team to let them know at [email protected] or +1(844) 777-0440.

Parking Info: Ample parking at the back of the building.

About this workshop

We hope that you have found your Gokhale Method Foundations (GMF) course useful and enjoyable. The experience of our many alumni shows that ongoing practice, as well as learning new and advanced methods, make the experience of the Gokhale Method Foundations (GMF) course even more valuable.

These classes offer refresher training, as well as introduce new and advanced techniques. To ensure the quality of instruction, and to provide personalized attention, they are limited to a maximum of 8 students just like the Foundations Course. Hands-on alumni classes can be taken with any qualified Gokhale Method teacher regardless of who taught your Foundations Course. So if you're traveling to an area with a Gokhale Method qualified teacher, sign up for a class!

Your Teacher

Eric Fernandez
[email protected]

Eric Fernandez was drawn to the Gokhale Method by the principles he learned from the Russian martial art of systema, of which he is a certified instructor, and has practiced for more than a decade. Both focus on utilizing natural posture to facilitate breathing, eliminate unnecessary tension, and enhance movement.

Eric believes we are all supposed to feel good, be healthy, and move with ease. His passion is for self-improvement, and he loves to teach...Read more

If the posted dates don't work for your schedule, or if you would prefer private instruction, please click below to initiate a request for private instruction with them. Your teacher can help with follow up appointments as well, get in touch with them.

Request Private Instruction